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Ready for Take-offWelcome!

We are so happy to meet you.On this page, you'll learn more about us and why we can help you. 

Ready for Take-off by Farina is the ideal place to learn how to create a first class impression during your application procedure at an airline.

Farina helps you, with more than 20 years of experience, to acquire your dream job with an airline that suits you best. Farina will equip you with all the facets of managing in-flight situations.

Stand out in the crowd

Don't be one of many at the recruitment events.

If you've ever attended an airline recruiting event, you'll know that you aren't the only one with this dream. Hundreds of candidates are being interviewd for a handfull of jobs at the same time. Are you one of many? Do you have something to offer that others don't? And can you get that message across? 

When asked, most candidates will answer the question: 'Why do you want to be a steward(ess)?', with: 'I want to see the world'. Let me tell you: this is not the answer the recruiter of an airline wants to hear. It's not about you!

We'll tell you the right answer (and a bunch more) in one of our trainings.


You don't need a specific education to become a flight attendant. When you get hired you'll attend a FREE 6 week Flight Safety Training at the airline. So, don't pay for it yourself. The only thing you need to do is make sure you get hired. And Farina will help you do that.

Increase your chances

Don't go to your interview unprepared

Your interview is of vital importance to start your career at an airline. So be prepared, you have 1 shot to impress your future employer!


Questions you might have, and I'll answer for you, are: What can I expect? What to wear (dress to impress)? How to remain calm and manage your nerves? How to make a relaxed but professional impression? What to say? What not to say?


Did you know that airlines receive at least 1000 applicants a week, on average? Only a 100 people will be selected for an interview. And did you know that just 10 of them will be hired? Your chances of getting hired are less than 0,01%!


Don't waste your chance! Take one of our courses to increase your chance to get hired. During the training you'll be (overly) prepared for your next interview. Farina has been succesfully hired at 4 major airlines and has been on many recruitment boards to advise the recruiter which person to hire for the job.

Farina tells you how

To get your dreamjob

Learn for the expert!

Farina has over 20 years of experience working at 4 airlines, and over 1200 flight hours. And has helped hundreds of people get hired at their dream jobs. She will teach you what you need to know and answers all your questions (and more).


Ready for Take-off by Farina is the place to be for upcoming flight attendents. In the air and on the ground. During her trainings you'll get prepped for your next interview at an airline. So, stand out of the crowd with your new and shiny 'get hired'-skills. 

And, after your interview Farina will guide you through the rest of the procedure.


Get your DREAM JOB!

Choose between an online training or live coaching

Hi, My name is Farina. I'll be your instructor.

Follow my lead andget hired as a flight attendant.

  • 24+ years experience.

  • 3600+ flight hours..

  • 700+ succesful hires since 2002

Ready for Take-off by Farina was founded by Farina van der Vliet-Tahir, an experienced flight attendent for 4 airlines.


She is also a qualified English teacher and native speaker in both English and Dutch. And, to top all that, she is also a certified beauty specialist.


Sincs 2002 she has helped over 700 people to obtain their dream jobs at various airlines. Because she has been succesfully hired 4 times herself and she is closely involved with the selection process at various reputable airline companies.


Farina will make sure that you get the appropriate information you need during the selection process, and will guide you to build your confidence to go get what you want.


Your Dream Will Become Reality!

Vraag hier dit waardevolle E-book gratis aan. 



  • Crew Trainer

  • 24+ jaar ervaring.

  • 3600+ vlieguren.

  • 700+ mensen succesvol naar een baan gecoacht sinds 2002

Aanvraag E-book

  • Leiden, the Netherlands


  • 24+ years of experience

  • 3600+ flight hours

  • 700+ succesfull hires

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