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Get hired as a flight attendant.

  • Find out how to get a job as cabin crew

  • Do you have what it takes

  • Find out which airlines are recruiting

  • Increase your self-confidence

  • How to be succesful in your interview 


10 Steps to becoming Cabin Crew

Start your flying career with a unique online training on how to become Cabin Crew

Where to start?

Some people pay a lot of money to go to some Flight Attendant College. Unfortunately only a handful of these people get a job with an airline. But what about the rest? The answer is simple. Click here to find out more..

How to become cabin crew?

You don't need to be dropdead gorgeous or a size 0. The secret to getting hired is... well download a Free copy of the Ebook 10 Steps to becoming cabin crew and find out for yourself!

How to Stand out at the airline interview

Did you know airlines receive thousands of job applications every week. And only a handful land a job. How can you be one of them? Let me help you get the job of your dreams! 


Years of experience


Flight hours


Visited countries


Succesfull hires

  • GET HIRED Workshop

  • Economy Package: $99 

    Business Package: $199

    Premium Package: $29 

    (per month for a year)

    Choose which package suits you and I will help you from start to finish. I will help you get your wings!

    • Economy Class Package:

      * Ebook

      * Online training

      * Worksheets

    • Business Class Package:

      * Ebook* Online training

      * Worksheets* Q&A

      * 60 min 1 on 1 training through videocall 

    • Premium Class Package:

      * Ebook

      * Online training

      * Worksheets

      * Q&A

      * 60 min 1 on 1 training through videocall

      * And an exclusive monthly Personal Coaching Webinar, only available for Premium member

    Download your free copy of the E-book Ready For Take-off Now
  • How to become Cabin Crew:

    Online Training

  • Learn step by step how to get the job of your dreams!

    In 8 videolessons you will learn:

    • How to apply

    • What to expect from the interview

    • How to make a good first impression

    • What not to wear

    • How to pass the interview

    $ 99

    Buy the economy package and get started now!

    After purchase you'll receive login credentials for the Online Academy. You can start this online course right away.

    Watch this video to learn more about me and about

    why you'll want to enroll in one of my courses.


    "I bumped into Farina at the airport. She was on her way on a flight. We got chatting. I told her I wanted to fly too. She recommended her book. I read it in 2 days and took a leap of faith and applied for an airline. I got in! Her book was a great help! Just waiting for the date to start my initial training!!"

    Sophie R.

    Flight attendant

    I was working with Farina as a teacher. Whenever I saw Farina she had all these stories about her flights it sounded sooo adventurous. I also applied as cabin crew, just as a summerjob. Farina gave me a free training. It's been 8 years now. I'm still flying. Didn't go back to teaching.

    Daniella V.


    I flew a lot with Farina many many years ago when she just started flying. We used to have so much fun,on flights and downroute. I am very happy to hear she is a trainer now. And that she's written a book. With all her experience and skills I promiss you, you're in good hands!

    Andy B.

    Retired Cabin Crew

  • Leiden, the Netherlands


  • 24+ years of experience

  • 3600+ flight hours

  • 700+ succesfull hires

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